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Classes We Offer

Pole Level 1 - Beginners


Pole Level 2 - Intermediate 


This class is designed for beginners who have little experience and for beginners who need to brush up their level 1 tricks. In this class a student will learn the fundamentals of pole fitness technique, strengthen their entire body, improve flexibility and build a solid foundation to become a well rounded pole dancer/athlete.

Pole Level 1 will prepare you for the next pole level. Do not be in a rush to move up to the next level. You're working at your fitness level which may require you to stay at level 1 for weeks, months or even years. Once you've felt you've mastered all the level 1 tricks the foundation tricks for level 1.5 will be introduced to you. When the course is no longer challenging you, ask an instructor about testing into the next level up. WE DO HIGHLY RECOMMEND STARTING AT POLE VIRGIN IF YOU'RE A TRUE BEGINNER.

50 minutes instruction

10 minutes pole play and discussion

No pole sharing/small class size 

Beginner Pole Tricks, Spins, floor-work and standing techniques

NOTE: We strongly recommend "First Timers" take Pole Virgin.  

This class is designed for the more experienced beginners. This class will start introducing you to more pole trick combinations that you'll start in level 2. This class will focus on increasing your coordination and muscle endurance by making pole tricks more difficult and combining tricks.  Students will learn to intensify what we call the most important fundamental tricks at this level which are climbing and inverting (go upside down). This course will get you ready for pole 2

50 minutes 
No pole sharing/ small class size 
Intermediate pole trick combos, spins, floor-work and standing techniques

Pole Leve 3 - Advanced 


Once a student as mastered level 1.5 they are now ready to continue climbing, go upside down and learn advanced tricks. Students in this class will start learning to perform a combination of moves and progress moves they've learned in the previous levels. The primary goals in this class is to perfect aerial tricks, complete combos and increase flexibility to better execute shapes and poses. 

This class is a mixture of level 2. Level 2 tricks build from level 1.5. 


50 minutes

No pole sharing/small class size (10 poles/10 students)

Advanced Pole Tricks, combos, spins, floor-work and standing techniques

Twerk & Pole - Multilevel


This class is the best of both worlds, twerk and pole. Learn not only how to twerk but you'll learn how to twerk while performing your favorite pole tricks, whether they're new tricks or tricks you already know. In this class you'll be targeting both your anaerobic and aerobic energy systems and increasing your flexibility all while popping it. 

This class is most definitely fun but it is also a high intense workout. But Guess what........... you won't even recognize how exhausted you are because you'll be having so much fun shaking it. 


This class is beginner friendly but all levels are welcome.

There will be progressions and regressions for all levels.


Wear short shorts, sports bra and/or tank top. 

Pole heels are recommended but not required.

Knee pads are HIGHLY recommended


50 minutes instruction
10 minutes pole play and discussion
No pole sharing

Exotic Pole - Multilevel 


This class is beginner friendly and is considered multi-level. Regressions and progressions will be suggested as needed by the instructor. In this class students will perform sexy choreography and focus on transitional movements between tricks. This class is all about taking your time and flowing to the music. 
Students will learn to release their sensual and passionate side.

50 minutes
No pole sharing/small class size (10 poles/10 students)
Seductive transitions & tricks, spins, floor-work and sensual techniques.


Floorplay - Virgins & Beginners


Do you want to learn how to flow seductively around the pole? Some days you're just exhausted but you still need to dance and release your inner sexy, you just do not want to do so many energy costly pole tricks or maybe you haven't learned any yet. In Floorplay you'll learn to get nasty, be sexy on the pole & floor while moving your body slow to the beat and staying grounded. This class is perfect for beginners but all levels can benefit from this, especially, on those active rest days your body needs. 



Spins, floor-work transitions, mini choreography and standing techniques

50 minutes instruction
10 minutes pole play and discussion
No pole sharing

Stripper 101 -Multilevel


Pole Virgin - True Beginners

Image by Paweł Czerwiński

Pole Virgin

Come be a Bad Girl and learn to dance like a stripper. 

This class is designed to be fun and will take you out of you comfort zone. You'll develop the confidence and learn how to shake your ass, move sexy and release your inner stripper. This class will teach a little of everything, from mini choreography with pole tricks , floor work, twerking, chair and pole, to just random fun stripper moves you can catch at the strip clubs. Anything goes in this class but we promise you'll have nothing but fun. 

This class is catered to beginners but all levels can attend. 

Stripper heels aren't required but bring them anyways.

Come in the shortest booty shorts you have and come ready to dance like a stripper.  




50 minutes instruction
10 minutes pole play and discussion 
No pole sharing

If you have never danced on a pole, this is the class for you. This class is designed for true beginners who have no pole experience or dance experience. This class focuses solely on  becoming familiar with your body's movement, the pole and conditioning. Don't worry we will be staying lower to the ground for this class, however, we will introduce you to grips and techniques that will prepare you for getting higher off the ground once you progress to the next level. The Pole Virgin class will help students establish the proper foundation and technique for a successful pole journey.

This class will also cover dance, mobility/movement, grips, standing techniques, floor-work, conditioning, spins and preparation for tricks in pole level 1. 

50 minutes instruction
10 minutes pole play and discussion
No pole sharing


This is NOT a class, this is time for you to be free of instruction and practice what you want. There's not enough free time after classes to put together everything you'd like for a perfect video. Use open pole to practice, get videos of your progress or just to get out the house and have fun.

55 minutes

No pole sharing

Class Schedule 

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