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"Are you guys accepting clients due to COVID-19"
We are accepting clients for all services. Of course we have several restrictions in order to ensure we are practicing social distancing and preventing the spread of COVID-19. To find out if we can service you please contact us.
"Can I arrive to class late?"
"How do I schedule a one-on-one?"
There is not a location to pay for one on one service on our website. We require you to contact us through our website, email or contact us by phone to set up your one on one.  
"What should I wear to class?"
We recommend a comfortable pair of form fitted fitness shorts and tank top.
Sports Bras are appropriate and recommended for support and protection.
No lotion or oils should be applied the day of class. Lotion is released back to the surface of your skin when you sweat which will make it nearly impossible to grip the pole and cause you to continuously slide off the pole. 
No hand or heavy jewelry. It is best to leave jewelry home. Jewelry can bring harm to skin while performing tricks or dancing and could damage our poles.
"Does the studio allow walk-ins?"
No, the studio requires you to pay in advance to reserve your spot. 
"Is there a weight limit for classes?"
No, there is not a weight limit. Our classes are suitable for all shapes and sizes. You surely do not have to be thin. Thin and Thick are both sexy. If you are thicker pole dancing will help you love those curves of yours even more. Each student performs at their fitness level. Our instructors will offer regressions and modifications if needed to make this a little easier. 
"Can anyone sit in and watch class?"
No. The studio does not allow spectators. 
"How do I book privates? And what days and times do you have for private classes?"
Email or text us to set up a private session. You can pick your date and time and we'll do our best to get you in.
 "Can we consume alcohol during classes or parties?"N0, not at all. If we think you're intoxicated we have the right to ask you to leave without credit or refund.
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